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On William Brayley Art + Design co.



Established in 2018, William Brayley Art + Design co. reflects the artistic career and pursuits of its founder, William Brayley. 25 years of experience in fine art and antiquities has included positions in the art and antiques departments at 3 of Canada’s premier auction houses spanning coast to coast, an internship at the Fine Art Society in London, England, and 5 years of learning the trade of custom picture framing in Calgary, Halifax, and Vancouver. With a Bachelor’s degree from the Art History + Communications department at Mcgill University in Montreal, and 5 years of applied arts training at NSCAD and ECUAD combined, William Brayley Art + Design co. was created by the artist to offer creative services, and solutions for the modern world. From professional product design, to wall art, web design, and creative concept development, the goal is to share insight, while helping others with their smart ideas for contemporary times.